Everyone needs proper security for their website. From personal blogs to an e-commerce store, everyone needs their data to be more secure. In the era of growth in internet and cyber warfare, website security has become a greater concern. Many massive changes can be made there on your website of security is not much.

Many of the blog and website owners usually focus on the content providing, yes surely it is important but security too is an important task so to stay away from your website from cybercrime, or dark hackers. If you are the one who wants a solution for these problems, then Astra Security can help you. In Astra Security, everything can be managed by a single click.

Every Website Requires Proper Security


Cybercrime syndicates huge amount of attacks on several websites at once. Every search engine scans all of the websites to keep your website away from these things. Following are the data provided by Astra (Infographic).

  • According to the survey, 80% of websites consist of at least one vulnerability.
  • 33% of shoppers hesitate for shopping due to not having trust on websites.
  • More than 45000 websites are getting hacked daily.
  • Probably more than a million malware threats are been released every day.

Here is the point that these vulnerabilities are available easily on the internet at a very low price and can be accessible by anyone who wants. Using these vulnerabilities can affect a website and its reputation for the long term. The single cyber attack can render the website to halt by damaging the whole website.

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Why Security Solution Is Important


Security solution like Astra is the 1st line of defense. When any of the visitors visit your website they have some hidden needs depending on the factor they want. A security solution protects the server from getting compromised.

The security of the website is adopted due to the owners of the website. Many of the website owners used to say ‘My website is just a small one so what should possibly go wrong?’ did you ever just think about it.. a lot of problems may occur if you take security very lightly. Some of the website owners just install HTTPS security and thinks that it will help them to improve security but it couldn’t. Some of the users use high profile password but we’ll it cannot get your work done. That’s why Astra Security is been created to make your website fully secure.

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Astra Website Security Is Helpful Or Not?

SEO & E-mail Spam

Basically, most of the websites get affected by email spam which plays a vital role in email marketing, it experiences a bulk of inbound as well as outbound emails. Astra Security is specially designed to stay away from these email spams happening mostly in many of the websites. It keeps the SMTP server safe as well which attempts to hacking.

The topmost and we’ll know SEO spams are Japanese SEO spam and Viagra Cialis Hacking which affects the websites too badly and affects search engine rankings as well. Astra doesn’t allow these attackers to get in touch with your website which makes the website more safer. It automatically detects and notifies the users if any of the IP servers are been blacklisted. Through which one could easily clean up all these blacklists. Isn’t it great?

Credit Card Hacking

Attackers used to hack the credit cards constantly using several PHP and JavaScript codes, usually, they do it to make your data private it can make you unhappy as usual. The info which they get by hacking these credit cards are been sold directly at a great price or been used by themselves to get certain revenue which is illegal. Astra provides you a safe and clear solution which cannot get your data harm. It keeps your credit card info away from these attackers. It directly blocks the injection of PHP or JavaScript file so as to keep your data safe.

Phishing Attack

Usually, hackers try to inject pages into Your website so as to steal up your info. This could be any like contact number, email details, passwords, credit card as mention above and many more. Google is been following a very strict policy for not making your data to get a leak. This policy is phishing any of the other social engineering content and blacklist websites.

Astra protects you from this phishing and keeps your data in private. Along with that it also provides reputation monitoring system.

Apart from these, there are other features which are been provided by Astra. Let’s take a look towards it so as to increase more knowledge about Astra tool.

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Other Astra Security Features

Blacklist Monitoring

Astra used to scan all of your website URL on a daily basis so to make your website clean and safe. Website owners are been quickly notified if any website gets blacklisted. It keeps all of your data safe if you are looking for great security for website Astra should be the best choice compared to other tools.

Community Security

Astra does not disclose all of the community and responsible data of your website so as to make it private. Due to this, you can have a security conscious company as well.


It makes your website to be faster it does not allow any of the vulnerabilities to get direct contact with your website. It deployed data automatically so as to keep data safer.

Human Assistance

Astra is one of the security provides which provides real-time security assistance in case of any problem is been encountered. Human Assistance is necessary in such a case where the website has a huge amount of visitors.

Multiple CMS support

Astra provides you support from any kind of CMS. WordPress, Joomla, Open Cart are the examples where CMS support is been valid.

Astra Security Is Very Powerful

Unlike other, DNS based servers based website requires multiple installation solution procedures like changing name servers. Astra security secures in a productive way which does not allows you to play around with DNS. You can install the Astra tool by yourself or can also take the help of customer care whose service is too supportive.

Let’s have a look towards its pricing…


Astra Security Pricing

Apart from this many of the users are still wanted to know about pricing. Because providing the correct value for money service is much more important. Astra takes cares of their customers. One can get started with Astra only at $12/ month which is not much compared to the services Astra is providing to their customers.

If you are looking for a perfect security tool which would secure your website then Astra will be the best choice account to my opinion.

Get Astra lifetime Acces at Just $49

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