You all must have heard about Canva – the #1 Graphic Designing tool for everything. But, do you know any eCommerce focussed designing tool? You’ll say No because there isn’t any.

Now, you may find some baseline tools which offer basic features like add shapes, text, stock photos & graphics, image filters, customize colors, logos, images, pick pre-made templates, resize canvas, crop, mask images, etc. But they all are missing essentials tools that will enhance how any product is presented online which can improve the CTR(Click-through-rate) and conversions.

Create high converting product images with Glorify!!

What is Glorify??

Glorify provides an easy and enjoyable way to create product images and marketing assets through their evergrowing library of templates and e-commerce focussed design and photo-editing tools.

Recently launched #1 trending eCommerce graphic designing tool. How this graphic designing tool is different from the existing tools like Canva, Crello, Fotor, etc. We’ll also get to know how this tool can help e-commerce sellers, Instagram influencers Funnel Hackers, and Drop-shippers in increasing profit, sales, and conversions with the power of conversion-driven product images.

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Features of Glorify App:

Create Stunning Product Images Within minutes

I’ve used Canva a lot of times but I must say with Glorify I can create any type of design pretty fast. I’ll tell you, how fast it’s. Just choose your favorite template from the ever-growing library, add your product, brand it with your own color palette, edit text and select your desired font from their library, add background or use-effects to give it a great look.

Quick Easy Effects for a Pro Look

As of writing this, they have three essentials effects – One-Click Background Remover (a feature that’s missing from Canva), Shadows, and reflections. Have a look at below gif(s) to understand these effects better.

  • One-Click Background Remover
One-Click background Remover in Glorify.
  • Shadows Effect
Shadows Effect to Product Images in Glorify
  • Reflections Effect
Reflections Effect to Product Image in Glorify.

Annotate Tool to show Important Features of the Product

Now, I think this is an important feature of the product images. Customers can easily get to know about the important product features and that’s something which improves the CTR & conversions.

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Annotate Tool Glorify
Annotate Tool Glorify

Inbuilt Logo Maker

Have to create a cool logo for your new Shopify Store? Use Glorify’s inbuilt logo maker. Now, obviously it can’t replace a logo designed by the professional logo designer but hey it’s okay to go with a simple and nice logo in the starting. To design a logo, just enter your brand name, select keywords to describe your brand so that it can recommend colors to go with. Once you select your preferred colors, select your icons from hundreds of free icons and tweak a bit to get your perfect logo.

Smart Resizer for your Design

Smart resizer is my favorite tool which lets you resize the same design to any social media format. Take a look at the below gif to know how it works. Don’t worry, it will take care of all social media platforms photo dimensions automatically.

Smart Resizer feature on Glorify

Looking for Design Inspiration? 


Many times we don’t get a proper design idea. But not now, thanks to the Glorify’s huge library of designs categorized according to niche and themes.  For example, you’re Instagram Influencer creating a cool design for the beauty product you’re promoting then just select the ‘beauty niche’  and you would get hundreds of design ideas as templates.


Glorify is best for?

  • E-Commerce Sellers: Glorifyapp is the perfect product image designing tool for all online sellers, no matter what you’re selling and on which platform. It supports right from Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce to all other online platforms. Using Glorify’s unique features and templates you can increase profit, sales, and conversions with the power of conversion-driven product images.

  • Instagram Influencers: Instagram Influencers industry is booming and if you’re one of the Influencer, try Glorify today for your product images and improve your engagement and sales.

  • Funnel Hackers: Using Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce or Instapage to sell irresistible offers through captivating sales funnel? Glorify is for you.
  • Drop-Shippers: As drop-shipper are you constantly testing different product opportunities. Create powerful product marketing on steroids using Glorify.
  • And Everyone?: I personally think, Glorify app is not just for e-commerce but anyone can use this graphic designing tool to create high-quality professional images that can be used in their online campaigns, social media, blogs, ebooks, ads and what not?
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How much does Glorify cost?


Glorify is a Saas (Software As A Service) cloud-based graphic designing software so it would follow the subscription-based model (monthly recurring billing) but for the limited time they’re are offering GlorifyApp Pro package for a massive discounted one-time fee of just $97 for lifetime access. It includes access to all features + future upgrades as well + 100 BG Removal Credits per month. I think you won’t get a deal like this. GlorifyApp was the ‘Product of the Day‘ on August 27, 2019, and the community has shown a great interest in the product. The team behind Glorify is very responsive, they actually listen and make the changes in the product if required.

Currently, the Glorify lifetime deal is live at Grabltd: Get it Now @ $97


When the Glorify’s early adopter deal is ending?

October End.

What are the Payment methods accepted to buy Glorifyapp?

You can only pay through your Credit Card at the moment. They’re working on integrating PayPal.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the product?

Absolutely Yes, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. No question asked. But I doubt you would do that.

How many team members I can invite to Glorifyapp?

3 members.

Where Can I learn, how to use Glorify App?

Glorify has a very simple dashboard something like all these hosting-based graphic designs web-apps have like Canva. Anyway, Glorify also has Video Support tutorials on their Youtube Channel for everything on how to use their platform for a better design. The related videos are accessible via an inbuilt popup – no matter where you are on the platform.

Is there any limitation on cloud storage?

No limitation.

Hope you like this in-depth review of Glorify App. Do let me know if you’ve any questions regarding Glorify?

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