Rank tracking via Keywords is one of the most important characteristics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In today’s competitive world, almost every business has some or the other association with the web either through a blog or an official website. This helps them to keep a track of their customer base even outside of business hours. However, due to immense competition, it becomes essential to be aware of where their website stands in terms of Search engine rankings which would further help to devise suitable strategies to maximize their returns on SEO investments.

RankWatch Review: An Introduction?

RankWatch is a cloud-based SEO tool that helps monitor the performance of a website in terms of website ranking and keyword domination. It is designed with a user-friendly interface that shows an in-depth analysis of the website. This will help companies to come up with effective SEO strategies to move up in the rankings and improve their overall performance.

RankWatch Review: Key Features

While most of the rank tracking tools offer more or less the same basic features, RankWatch, on the other hand, has some additional features which provide comprehensive SEO data for further analysis. This makes it easy for the user to store all their marketing data in one place which saves a lot of their valuable time. Let’s have a quick recap of the most important features that RankWatch has to offer to its clients:

1. Keyword archives

While most of the rank tracking sites offer access to some historical data, with RankWatch one can easily go back to a past date and check what a Google page looked like at that time! The tool does this by simply capturing and retaining the screen-shots of the Google Search Engine Results page which can show them their position on a given day in the past.

2. Friendly user interface

The RankWatch dashboard is designed in such a way that it makes the user feel very comfortable to navigate around the site. One just needs to enter the relevant keywords and search engine names to let the site track their performance and present the final data in graphs.

3. Hidden Opportunities

The Hidden Opportunities feature highlights the potential keywords which the user might not be tracking on his dashboard but has a huge potency to rank better. Also, it provides valuable keyword suggestions to optimize the content and make it easily accessible to the end users.

4. Location-based tracking

RankWatch provides this unique feature of location-based tracking to have highly accurate and precise data to make informed decisions. One can easily find out how well the website ranks in a particular locality with this feature. This can help users to come up with area-specific strategies to accomplish the ultimate goal.  

5. CEO Dashboard

Most of the rank tracking tools have highly sophisticated dashboards which although in a way provides a wide array of information but makes it a herculean task to make split-second decisions. RankWatch, on the other hand, provides a birds-eye view of the most important indexes thus allowing them to take quick priceless decisions. The tool also comes with suggestions to increase the firm’s profitability in the future.

6. Tracking competitors

The one thing that makes RankWatch stand out of the crowd is how efficiently it tracks and reports the competitor’s SEO activities. The tool keeps a close eye on your competitor’s search results- both organic and paid. It not only makes you aware as to who those competitors are but also gives us an extra edge in our decision-making process.

7. Web analyzer

One of the basic features of a rank tracking tool is analyzing how competent your site is when measured across various parameters. This brings out the results which will further help us to place our website in a better position for Search Engine Visibility.

8. Email alerts

Among the most useful features of RankWatch is its ability to send out email notifications regarding changes in our ranking. The only thing we need to do is set up the specific conditions that will act as trigger points for the alerts.

An alternative to RankWatch

RankTrackr is a new cloud-based keyword rank tracking tool. The company claims that this is the number one growth hacking tool for SEO. The tool comes with a unique feature that allows you to track your YouTube rankings. It provides a robust API and allows you to customize your data.

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SERPStat is one of such tools. It is growing rapidly as one of the best competitor research tools in the market. It’s gaining a lot of attention in the SEO industry due to the features offered by it for an affordable price.

SEMrush is a highly popular SEO and site optimization solution mostly for personal and commercial purposes. It is preferred mainly for social media monitoring, web audits and rank tracking. It is widely known for its analytical features that are used to improve organic search, optimize page and keyword selection for paid campaigns.

Plans and Pricing

RankWatch offers four plans- M, L, XL, and Custom tailored. First, we need to decide the frequency of updates i.e. daily or weekly. Then we can choose the plan duration i.e. 1 month, 6 months or 1 year which is proportionate to the price we need to pay. M plan comes for $29, L for $99, XL for $449 and custom tailored for $58.

RankWatch Review: The Conclusion

RankWatch enjoys the credit not just for a rank tracking tool but an all-around solution to those looking to climb up the success ladder. This tool is highly beneficial for those who are looking for an extensive analysis of their keyword searches which analyzes the web for a better lead generation. Also, its reasonable plans make it an attractive alternative. On the contrary, RankWatch can be downgraded for being too simple. Further, it could have improved its research features. But, having considered everything, RankWatch is not at all a bad option if one wants to stick only to their positives.

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