You are surrounded by projects or tasks everywhere. At home, it could be vacation planning, or a weekly meal plan, etc. and at work, it could be to make a new software feature, setting up a factory or managing your marketing plan.

Managing a project is a real struggle. It is quite possible that while doing a project certain tasks are forgotten or the deadline for the project is missed. It’s hard to keep the team members on the same page due to lack of proper communication. This causes lack of clarity when it comes to Accountability and Responsibility. To manage your business operations efficiently one needs to have a work management software in place.


Gone are the days of considering project management as a process to be done with the help of a pencil, a sheet of paper or in excel. Now-a-days project management is done with the help of an online collaborative software. 

The purpose of an online collaboration software is to help you plan, execute and control all aspects of the business workflows. It ensures that everybody has a track of who is doing what, sales analytics, overdue tasks, reminders and every business-related information is in one single place. It is necessary that you choose the right project management software as per your workflow, comparing ROI’s and understanding your project needs.

SmartTask and its Features:

1. Ease of use

Teams are generally looking for online collaboration tools that enable quick learning curve and fast implementation. SmartTask focuses on ease of use and a simple user interface so that teams don’t have to spend a lot of time learning about the software.

SmartTask makes using a software easy and beneficial, not difficult and tiresome.

2. Collaborate on a project

Collaborate on a project

SmartTask makes collaboration on the project easy. Everyone in the team has a clear overview of the team’s progress and who’s responsible for each task. Instant messages can be used for communication. Mobile apps are available on Android and IOS, thus you can work from anywhere and anytime.

3. Portfolios

SmartTask Portfolios

A portfolio is a centralized view of all your projects. It helps you to know the status of all the projects of your organization in a single view. This makes handling multiple projects easy.

4. Integration

SmartTask Integration

SmartTask integrates with more than 1000 applications through Zapier and Integromat. Including native integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, etc.

5. CRM

SmartTask CRM Integration

The Customer Relationship Management feature makes it possible to track sales from the inquiry to the closure of the deal. It keeps conversation, notes, activities and other customer information in one place and this helps in planning the next actions.

6. Custom Fields

SmartTask Custom Fields

With custom fields, whether you are in marketing, product development, finance or any other team, you can customize your project’s workflow to track exactly what matters to you. You can create Text, Number, Dropdown and Date custom fields in SmartTask

Helping you have a better clarity on what’s going on in a particular task. 

Note, you can filter by custom fields and create advanced analytical charts from the data entered in the Custom Fields.

7. Custom Charts

SmartTask Custom Charts

Create your own analytics view with custom bar, line and pie charts.

8. Timeline View

SmartTask Timeline View

A Timeline view, also known as the Gantt chart, gives you a clear view of the tasks in the project spread out over a period of time. A single glance will give you an idea of the duration, scope, progress dependencies and deadline.

Other features include Reports, Templates, Time Tracking, Kanban view, and many more. 

9. Dependancy

Dependency allows you to make tasks dependent on other tasks. That way you can spot where the delay is in the project and make sure you don’t have people sitting around waiting for others to finish. As soon as Task 1 is completed the person doing Task 2 is immediately notified.

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SmartTask Lifetime Deal Plan:

SmartTask Lifetime Deal Plan

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