Why would you need a grammar checking software?

Imagine receiving a business letter and you find it has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. You would most probably think less of the sender, wouldn’t you?

Be reminded, though, that more than 60 percent of all business communications have some kind of grammatical error like apostrophe errors, missing words, wrong spelling and more. Most of the times we do not have the patience and time to edit or proofread our work or, much less, other peoples work for a thorough grammar check. Enter grammar checking applications. Now, imagine what the readers of your letters, e-mail, business communications, and other written material would think if 60 percent of your work had mistakes.

Here’s a detailed WhiteSmoke review to learn about the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the tool.

What is WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke is a grammar-checking software released by WhiteSmoke Inc.  The company offers products to help students, writers, businesses, and others, to improve their writing.

WhiteSmoke is equipped with a plagiarism checker tool that allows you to check the uniqueness of your texts, aside from just checking the grammatical and spelling errors of your writing.

The Plagiarism Checker tool from WhiteSmoke helps you to analyze the part of your text that is not unique, and it gives you the list of various online publications that already have the same text as yours.

WhiteSmoke provides grammar-checking tool that helps correct even the smallest grammatical errors in your writing. Not only it helps to detect grammar errors within your text, it also helps to offer suggestions as to how to correct each mistake.

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Grab WhiteSmoke Lifetime deal for just $79.

Benefits of WhiteSmoke

  • WhiteSmoke is a multifaceted tool for correcting your text in different ways. For this, you can expect to get limitless benefits using the tool.
  • Like Grammarly, you can also use this tool on varieties of platforms. There are the web, desktop, and mobile versions available for this tool. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the tool will work for you or not.
  • The tool is smart enough to correct your writing from different grammatical errors. Not only is that the grammar checker is powerful enough to shape up your text with the actual punctuation.
  • It’s quite common to see that writing comes with some spelling flaws. It’s WhiteSmoke that can easily detect all the misspelled words in your writing and suggest you correct them.
  • All these benefits imply that the tool takes care of grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and lot of other things of your writing. So, you could easily come up with a neat and clean writing if you use this tool.

WhiteSmoke Features

  • Detects hundreds of previously undetected errors
  • Redesigned layout and user experience tested and proven to increase efficiency
  • Rebuilt from the ground up to improve performance and provide additional information on each error.
  • Packages include dozens of feature and content updates.

WhiteSmoke Review: Pros and Cons


  • The tool highlights wrong sentences and words and suggests a correction
  • It supports varieties of platforms
  • You can convert your content to other languages
  • It counts your typed word, sentence, and paragraphs
  • It has a plagiarism checker with it
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  • You can’t use the tool offline, so it needs an internet connection to use
  • Don’t have Sentence Rephraser and Office Extension

WhiteSmoke Price

WhiteSmoke mainly offers two types of version – one is the Web and the other one is Premium. The Web is only for online writing and Premium is for both the web and the desktop solutions.

The web version costs only $9.95 per month and you can pay this amount on a monthly basis. There are two different discounted prices available for the quarter and the annual purchase of the web version which are $24.95 and $79.95 only respectively.

And there’s the best offer comes with a one-time purchase which costs only $159.95. This system of buying for the lifetime is very good because in this case, you won’t have to pay on a recurring basis.

On the other hand, the premium version for Windows comes up with different pricing which is as follows –

  • Monthly ($14.95 only)
  • Quarterly ($39.95 only)
  • Yearly ($119.95 only)
  • One-time ($299.95 only)

Grab WhiteSmoke Lifetime deal for just $79.


Whitesmoke is one of the best tools in grammatical software. It provides you with grammar, spelling, plagiarism suggestions etc. Many other tools can’t do these things.

So, using the tool can make your writing very easy for your daily life.

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